Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission  


NOC For Passport  

Date Issue No. Name of the Officer Designation Description
10.04.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-197 Md. Ohidul Islam Deputy Director View Details
29.03.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-169 Md Mustafizur Rahman Assistant Director View Details
08.03.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-167 Shahrier Perves Assistant Director View Details
23.03.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-160 Mr. Mahbubul Alam Executive Director View Details
19.03.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-146 Mr. Farhad Ahmed Executive Director View Details
12.03.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-132 Sabina Yeasmin Wife of Md. Abul Kalam Director View Details
05.03.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-124 Md. Mahfuzur Rahman Talukder Assistant Director View Details
01.03.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-123 Md. Rafiqunnabi Assistant Director View Details
02.03.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2001-120

Hafiz Md. Harunur Rasid

Deputy Director View Details
02.03.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2001-121 Md. Yusuf Bhuiyan Deputy Director View Details
02.03.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2001-119 Md. Hossain Khan Deputy Director View Details
27.02.2017 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-116 Md. Iqbal Hossain Assistant Director  View Details
07.12.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-622 Md. Abdul Maleque Account Officer View Details
07.12.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-623 Md. Eman Mia MLSS View Details
04.12.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-608 S. M. Ahsanul Kabir Assistant Director  View Details
21.11.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-578 Abdur Rahman Howladar Car Driver View Details
08.11.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-544 Dr. M. Khairul Hossain Chairman View Details
08.11.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-543 Md. Rashidul Alam PS to Chairman View Details
30.10.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-540 Mahmuda Shireen Assistant Director View Details
06.11.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-536 Dr. M. Khairul Hossain Chairman View Details
09.10.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-474 Muhammad Ziaur Rahman Deputy Director View Details
25.09.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-437 Mr. Md. Nanu Bhuiyan Assistant Director  View Details
06.10.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-473 Mr. Kazi Md. Al - Islam Assistant Director  View Details
06.10.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-472 Mr. Towhid Hassan Assistant Director  View Details
06.10.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-471 Mr. Gour Chand Sarker Assistant Director  View Details
05.10.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-470 A. K. M Faruk Alom Personal Officer View Details
26.09.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-447 S. M. Ahsanul Kabir Assistant Director  View Details
25.09.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-448 Mohammad Asif Iqbal Assistant Director  View Details
25.09.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-438 Md. Ashraful Alam Assistant Director View Details
25.09.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-439 Md. Shahnows Assistant Director View Details
08.08.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-360 Md. Amzad Hossain Commissioner-II View Details
25.04.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-898 Mr. Mir Mosharraf Hossain Director View Details
20.04.2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-893 Dr. Swapan Kumar Bala Commissioner-IV View Details
09/03/2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-759 Professor Md. Helal Uddin Nizami Commissioner-I View Details
24/01/2016 BSEC/Admin/40:12/1/2002-686 Mr. Abu Rayhan Mohammad Mutasim Billah Director View Details